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Warning: some of what follows is of a graphic and disturbing nature.

Bestiality for dummies Beast Forum is a two-pronged operation, serving as a forum platform and a traditional porn site, albeit for very niche and perverted interests.

“An aggressive natured canine may not be the best type of canine to try to tie with.

There is a since [sic] of helplessness and uncertainty, a since of violability that comes with being tied.” While dogs are the most frequently discussed animal, members of Beast Forum lust after a diverse array of creatures. four-legged mammals appear to be the most common fantasy.

Despite this normalisation of deviance, Beast Forumers abide by an ad hoc moral framework of sorts.

For instance, while dogs and horses are a yes, those attracted to birds and fish are condemned as outcasts: “If you tuely love a bird, then you’ll obviously do nothing to hurt it, and you must accept the fact with small fowls, like ducks, gees, chickens, ectra it will all ways result in sever internal injury.” Dissenters are shut down and banned from the forum as in the case of Eel-lover who tried to defend the harm their attempts to copulate with an eel might cause. “That kind of sexual behavior is a pathology and needs psychological treatment, whatever the forum you’re posting in.

Fantasies of having sex with unicorns and dragons are spelt out in the same lurid prose as the realistic fantasies of having sex with horses and dogs.

It’s clear that most members consider themselves capable of having romantic feelings toward an animal. I am going to go hug her.” Many experienced members offering advice on bestiality counsel building a relationship with the animal before embarking on anything more carnal.The unbridled free expression of ideas outrageous to ordinary people can make pursuing Beast Forum disconcerting experience.One suspects that if it wasn’t for Beast Forum, most of its members would never have had the opportunity to express themselves in the way they do.On the topic of female humans and male dogs for instance, the most revered guide is penned by Lady Rottweiler who offers hard-earned wisdom such as “You should always put sweat socks on his front feet, or wear a sturdy shirt, to avoid scratches.” The rest is far too graphic to reprint here.

It can be hard to process just how sick these people are.Most people love their pets and find the concept of having an emotional bond with an animal relatable, but a sexual relationship repellent.

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