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After their first nine games of the season, the Philadelphia Eagles are arguably the best team in the NFL, as they are sitting pretty at 8-1 on their bye week.A season ago, the Eagles' bye week came after Week 4, at probably the worst time possible.He then impersonated Yalta Val and used the Carreras communications array to broadcast his manifesto to the galaxy.He attempted to kill Yalta Val but was thwarted by the junk dealer Ania Solo, a descendant of Han Solo.News of the assassination of the Snivvian Sith infiltrator on Cadomai Prime soon reached the galactic capital Coruscant.During a meeting between Triumvirate officials including Galactic Empress Marasiah Fel, the Jedi representative confirmed that Darth Wredd had been involved in the killing of the Sith infiltrator on Cadomai Prime.

During the fighting, Darth Wredd killed his Sith master and abandoned the One Sith.

During the struggle, the Snivvian Sith managed to fight back against Darth Wredd with Force lightning.