Peer guardian 2 zes after updating

04-Mar-2016 04:05

peer guardian 2 zes after updating-81

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TID 7002883 - Patch debug logs grow extremely large TID 7002925 - ZPM deployment issues deploying the current Windows Defender Dat TID 7010033 - Patch bundle errors on SLES managed devices TID 7011595 - loader-messages inventory errors TID 7011698 - Cost field in Contracts that contains a space is being interpreted incorrectly TID 7011950 - Migrated ZEN7 applications gives wrong status for user associated bundles TID 7011951 - zman bundle list takes about a minute to complete TID 7011971 - Cache login fails when zenworks services are down TID 7011986 - shortcut placed in Windows 7/Vista Desktop with Asset Management only TID 7012011 - Red Hat subscription downloads all packages every time replication is executed TID 7012013 - ZCM agent install breaks Secure Login's passive login in LDAP-Gina mode TID 7009091 - Cannot delete/rename a folder whose name is longer than 113 characters TID 7009300 - Some pre-defined reports fail to run after upgrade to ZCM 10.3.3TID 7008338 - Satellite servers root file system is filling up with files TID 7012863 - Backslash "escape" character in Registry Edit action import for Value or Key Name not handled correctly TID 7012864 - Previously created templates not viewed correctly in Personality Migration template builder TID 7012865 - Inventory results incomplete on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.866 - User associated Bundles are not refreshed when starting refresh from ZENworks Application Window (Nal Win)TID 7012867 - Administrator-Defined Field list options not sorted properly TID 7012868 - Administrator-Defined Fields of Data Type 'Date' do not appear in Device Filter on Asset Inventory Device Search TID 7012869 - Inventory results inaccurate on Novell Net Ware TID 7012870 - Run Script bundle action of the type .

CMD may fail where lines of script must run line-by-line TID 7012871 - Passive login fails after changing from one User Source to another if passwords do not match TID 7012873 - YUM Repository fails, error: Found a invalid/corrupt package TID 7012874 - Unable to filter device search of Windows 2008 in ZCCTID 7012876 - Bundle Verify prompts for reboot and continues to Launch actions before reboot occurs TID 7012916 - ZCM Bundle Settings are imported to 'Published' version rather than 'Sandbox' version TID 7012918 - Loss of functionality in Purchase Record list TID 7013024 - ZAM 11 Using Autofill to extract registry key values not working Bug 674882 Environment Variable list in Bundle does not allow large list Bug 680541 ZCM 11 Environment variable in system req for PATH are Case Sensitive causing it to fail.

Moreover, you can view a history list or clear the log file, customize settings when it comes to the log window, history and notifications, make the app automatically run at system startup and start minimized to the system tray area, among others.

Peer Block needs a very low amount of CPU and system memory, is pretty responsive to key strokes and mouse commands, and worked smoothly during our testing.

product_id=&search=Search&families=10109&version=41765 and the readme is at https:// - look at this very carefully, especially regarding pre-requisites and upgrade methods.

TID 3386189 - Red "Z" on ZCM icons TID 7002543 - zman petf and betf do not export content TID 7004252 - Original Date and time are not kept when uploaded to content repo TID 7004352 - Applications Launched by ZCM may behave differently than if launched outside of ZCMTID 7005239 - Macintosh OS X version 10.5.x unmanaged inventory does not show Disk Space or RAM information TID 7005370 - ZRS Reporting service sometimes fails with license exceeded error TID 7005437 - Folder view policy setting does not apply to users at login TID 7005456 - Cannot launch newly-added Diagnostics Application TID 7005508 - Panasonic Toughbook Laptop CF52 hangs on boot TID 7005528 - Hungarian characters not displaying correctly after import of ZAM data TID 7006395 - Primary server must be reached for Pre Agent install on workstations with ZENworks 7.x Desktop Management TID 7006403 - Remote Viewer requires install per user TID 7006404 - Remote Control using Rights fails after IP address change on Remote device TID 7006802 - ZENserver service periodically unresponsive since 10.3 or 10.3.1 update TID 7007240 - High table counts in database degrading ZCM performance TID 7007249 - MSI Parameters replaced after updating MSITID 7007391 - ZAM 10.3.1 Display of Swedish characters is incorrect after purchase order import on SLES server TID 7007501 - AIX Inventory Agent fails to run after reboot or agent restart TID 7007521 - ZCM Associations with LDAP source disappear TID 7007543 - "zman ui" does not display full name of the user from e Directory TID 7007549 - Profile entries for Dynamic Administrator are not being removed from the registry TID 7007557 - ZCM Error -34 running zac reg -g command or the zac rereg command to register an agent TID 7007577 - When overwriting files with file transfer, date and times shown for files are reversed TID 7007599 - User's relationship with bundle or policy does not appear in ZCCTID 7007643 - Installation of ZCM Agent does not stop ZLM agent TID 7007655 - Unable to create multiple remote proxies serving identical address ranges TID 7007656 - Icon for "ZENworks Adaptive Agent" is displayed on Windows 7/W2K8R2 desktop TID 7007764 - ZCM 11 Patch Management License Reports incorrectly states "Trial License"TID 7007857 - Authentication failures with SSL Usersource and LDAP referrals TID 7007866 - A newer version of Novell File Upload extension is available TID 7007878 - General and partial refreshes can occur at the same time causing high utilization TID 7007898 - ZRS Reporting assigned rights disappear TID 7007956 - Certificate errors when using L4 for Configuration TID 7007979 - Updating Locked File Multiple Times without a reboot may cause the file to be deleted.

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As the name suggests Peer Block, is an app that prevents unsecured locations from accessing your computer, in order to protect your sensitive data. Upon initialization, you can use a wizard to specify the types of ranges you want to block.

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TID 7009195 - ZCM After deleting bundles, addon images are not getting cleaned up TID 7009199 - ZCM 11.1 Remote Sybase upgrade fails when Sybase is not installed to the default location TID 7009202 - NOVELL-ZISD not setting workstation name and workgroup in same reboot after imaging TID 7009236 - Cannot sort Content Replication Status columns TID 7009237 - Disk read error when booting newly imaged device TID 7009258 - ZCM Content Replication fails with errors 'Insufficient space to replicate content' and/or 'too many open files'TID 7009260 - Error: Failed to Launch Could not process command: Application failed system requirement TID 7009268 - Bundle deployment status is not accurately updated in ZCCTID 7009274 - After system update, casa external may return errors TID 7009275 - ZCM 11.1 "zman rpsv" fails on Windows servers TID 7009285 - Migration utility substitutes values for macros in some bundle actions TID 7009295 - ZCM 11.1 - cannot specify credentials for "Install MSP" action TID 7009297 - Windows 7 devices drop out of multicast session TID 7009305 - TFTP Replication to Linux Satellite Servers fails after upgrade to 10.3.3TID 7009315 - Bundle stop launching TID 7009319 - ZCM ZPM Subscription replication fails after server update TID 7009328 - One bad Location URL causes all devices to fail new registrations TID 7009330 - ZCM Bundle containing a system requirement "file exists", fails TID 7009333 - Files copied from the managed device to USB device are not encrypted TID 7009334 - Device shows as being in the "unknown" location when it should not be TID 7009335 - BSOD in ZESFSFD after installing Check Point Endpoint Security client TID 7009362 - New device-GUID being created on refresh TID 7009387 - System Update of agent to existing agents is not completely silent (does not suppress balloon status messages)TID 7009390 - ZRS WIS10901 error running reports with MS SQL and Windows Authentication TID 7009395 - Unable to Launch Linux Executable action on RHEL 5.5TID 7009400 - After zac reg -g or zac rereg or reconciliation changes GUID, System Update may temporarily fail to apply TID 7009405 - Random login errors with UAC enabled TID 7009414 - ZENworks Agent bundle 'Cache Life' and 'Cache orphaning threshold' do not work TID 7009424 - Casa errors with NMAS and intruder lockout TID 7009428 - Bundle assignments are lost with AD users TID 7009430 - Imaging fails for new devices that have Atheros AR8152 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller TID 7009444 - Can't promote Linux satellite to authentication role TID 7009469 - ZPM: Cannot subscribe to patches without a ZCM license TID 7009474 - Unable to re-order Registration Rules in ZCCTID 7009487 - MSI Bundles fail when 'Grant administrator privilege to user during installation' is configured TID 7009533 - "Starts with" and "Ends with" missing from Registration Rules and Dynamic Group filters TID 7009535 - Features disabled in ZCM 11.x zone show as enabled on 10.3.x agents TID 7009538 - After failed update or install, ZES service is not available TID 7009551 - Errors after installing 11.1 with Agent Update 1 on Windows 2008 R2TID 7009593 - RDP session to W2K8 server dies when started from Windows 7 device with 11.1 agent TID 7009594 - Number of items displayed is not "sticky" for all pages TID 7009605 - "[Error is: An error occured while performing the "" action. (Edit Text File Action)]"TID 7009609 - Checking Patch Management License "re-enables" other agent components TID 7009617 - Net Ware Inventory agent has wrong version shown TID 7009625 - Location configuration not being honored, Location ~Unknown~ always selected TID 7009636 - ZCM Linux Subscription bundle creation error: “An error occurred while trying to create the bundle [bundle_name]”TID 7009653 - After a primary is moved to child, the primary cannot be moved back to a peer position TID 7009695 - Aliased content not replicating and high utilisation TID 7009713 - Columns are not correctly sorted in Inventory History TID 7009722 - Edit script content in a Run Script action clears script options TID 7009763 - Running a custom hardware history report generates error using MS SQL database TID 7009764 - Applications with Random Exit Codes always generate Errors TID 7009765 - Inventory Collection Form in random order when imported from ZAM 7.5TID 7009788 - double pop-up with reboot/shutdown action in bundle TID 7009784 - Discovery Task schedule status never gets set back to scheduled TID 7009785 - Domain Login and e DIRLogin registry keys are not added/updated on Windows 7TID 7009786 - Device Listing report shows incorrect platform for Unix servers TID 7009787 - Inconsistencies while running Unix inventory reports through ZENworks Control Center TID 7009795 - Unable to modify or add Connections in User Source TID 7009798 - ZAM Unable to use '/' character in Purchase Orders, Documents and Contracts TID 7009870 - Change windows password option is greyed out TID 7009872 - Purchase record created with a blank PO number has the date inserted TID 7009874 - Handler Timed Out errors in Explorer Configuration Policy TID 7009899 - Inventory reports incorrect physical memory amount on Windows XP with 4 GB or more RAMTID 7009905 - Users logging in to managed Linux device with csh see error TID 7009916 - When imaging new workstations the process fails to see work to do and just stops.In the last step, you can enable the app to check for updates (Peer Block, lists, or both), on a regular basis (e.g. The main application window shows the time, range, source, destination and protocol for each connection.Enabling and disabling Peer Block's status can be done with the simple click of a button.These can be either peer-to-peer organizations (P2P), ads, spyware or educational institutions.

Alternatively, you can import or create custom lists as well as always allow the computer to connect via port 80 and 443, even if they are blacklisted.

We have not come across any issues, since Peer Block did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs.