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So anyone you meet or see or take an interest in essentially influences you. But I have never wanted to write about it before because I felt embarrassed by it. "Fear And Loathing," the last song on "Electra Heart," comes at the end of a lot of betrayal and disappointment and feels like a moment of hope. But I never had that childhood or that teenagehood to experiment with my identity and just have fun. You feel like you can't do what you should be doing.

The main line or theme in the album is love and how we act and react to it. It's interesting you say that because there aren't very many instances -- or any? Do you have a secret love song hidden away somewhere? Was there a particular moment or catalyst for you to be able to say "Fuck it"? The first song I wrote for this project, though it's not on the US version, was "Living Dead." I was pretty depressed at the time -- I literally felt like I was dead inside. It's pretty sad if you're living like that but lots of people are.

All the recent chatter about chatbot ideas is not exclusive to just one industry, as they have been customized for many uses and tailored to various businesses.

Chatbot uses typically fall into research, lead generation, customer service, content distribution, or affiliate marketing, all of which can look very different in various industries.

Marina Lambrini Diamandis -- aka Marina and the Diamonds ("the Diamonds" refers to her fans, not her bandmates) -- surged onto the music scene two years ago when she released her debut album, "The Family Jewels," and snagged the runner up position on the BBC's influential Sound of 2010 poll.

Listeners were charmed by her slightly off-kilter, left-of-center pop songs like "I Am Not A Robot," which were sonic relief from the endless buffet of dance pop and hip hop that ruled and continues to dominate radio airplay.

But now I feel a bit cringe singing it [when I'm opening up for] Coldplay and the audiences who don't know me and don't know the humor. "Electra Heart" is humorous and filled with tongue-in-cheek moments, but you're also talking about these issues that are -- Real. Our society's obsession with beauty and glamour and sex are such prevalent parts of American culture and also British culture -- you guys love your tabloids.Below, we've compiled a list of chatbot examples and chatbot uses currently in place.In 2016, Allstate upgraded its commercial insurance line for small businesses.It seems like no one can talk to a female artist these days without bringing up Lady Gaga and now I guess I'm guilty of it, too. Was there a negative reaction from anyone regarding your change in direction? But from fans, I'm pretty sure I haven't really lost fans. The album kind of served its purpose in that it's almost weird that you kind of create this character to be someone else but really you become more truthful to yourself.

But I was thinking about her album "The Fame" and comparing it to "Electra Heart." On "The Fame" Gaga is saying that fame is glamorous and desirable and everyone should try and achieve it in whatever big or small ways they can. I think they were just interested in why I was doing it because there are fans who are big alternative music fans, so "Primadonna" is like the anti-Christ for them [] but I gained so many new ones. The more that you become what you're not, the more you realize what you are. For more information on Marina and the Diamonds, including upcoming tour dates, visit her official website and follow her on twitter.

For her second album, "Electra Heart," Marina threw fans a curveball and presented them with a collection of songs draped in the very dance pop that she had eschewed on her first outing.

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