Sexchatting via texts conversation

23-Oct-2016 15:07

But here is the good news; the secrets tips and tricks in it so easy to implement that So every guy can do it.- The one powerful secret you can use in order to make sure that a girl never cheats on you.

This secret will make sure any girl will be willingly to stick with you no matter what.

y name is Charles Nneji; Author of The Bang Rule (The number one best selling Nigerian e Book on dating for men).

I’m also the owner of biggest Nigerian Blog on dating advice for men)Let me make you a promise before you start reading; if you are a guy and have always wondered why girls you really really like never seem to like you back then this would be the most important blog-post you will ever come across this whole year.

Questions like: "how was your day", "have you eaten", "hope your day was good", "hope you are fine"Let me give you practical examples - Instead of coming to a girls Facebook Picture and commenting with "Beautiful Picture" (which is boring - every guy does it), You could flip this around and comment instead with - "Comot here joor, you are too sexxxy for my liking, i can't date someone like you."More examples - You could call up a girl and instead of asking her "did you think of me?

" (which is as boring as hell and makes her feel like you are begging to be thought of), the best way to start the conversation is to playfully say - "I know you've been thinking about me all day so i am here to free your mind" *smile* "how are you".

- Makes you different from other guys who are boring - Makes you appear confident.

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Girls love guys who have self worth and not ones who jump up whenever they (the girls) says jump.

Turn it up just a bit, use it on your dream girl and you will have her sending you love texts like her life depends on it - One; girls always get guys coming around them - every single time.

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