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18-May-2016 06:56

A problem with taking memory readings is there are several different numbers you can look at.The two memory readings we paid most attention to were “Working Set” and “Private Working Set” (WS Private), which do two things: We decided to approach this task by gathering memory readings over a period of time.It seems only logical that a free antivirus company should offer basic protection for free, but reserve advanced bonus features for the paid edition.However, in the real world, many of the most widespread free antivirus tools actually pack a ton of extra features.Zone Alarm Free Anti Virus Firewall of Processes: 4 Processes Monitored: ISWSVC.exe, vsmon.exe, zatray.exe, Force Idle Working Set (KB): 223,260 Idle Private Working Set (KB): 191,472Scan Working Set (KB): 287,443 Scan Private Working Set (KB): 226,22224. Mc Afee Anti Virus Plus 2013Number of Processes: 9 Processes Monitored: Mc APExe.exe, mcinfo.exe, mcods.exe, Mc SACore.exe, mcshield.exe, Mc Sv Host.exe, mcsvrcnt.exe, Mc UICnt.exe, Idle Working Set (KB): 142,375 Idle Private Working Set (KB): 103,518Scan Working Set (KB): 239,500 Scan Private Working Set (KB): 184,21420.Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.2Number of Processes: 7 Processes Monitored: swi_service.exe, Sav Service.exe, SAVAdmin Service.exe, ALsvc.exe, ALMon.exe, Sav Progress.exe, Sav Idle Working Set (KB): 216,482 Idle Private Working Set (KB): 192,436Scan Working Set (KB): 467,817 Scan Private Working Set (KB): 198,45223. Ad-Aware Free Antivirus of Processes: 4 Processes Monitored: SBAMSvc.exe, adawarebp.exe, Ad Aware.exe, Ad Aware Idle Working Set (KB): 162,540 Idle Private Working Set (KB): 118,728Scan Working Set (KB): 189,223 Scan Private Working Set (KB): 144,39419.To find out just how much memory gets used by running antivirus software, we’ve decided to gather together a mixture of 25 popular commercial and free antivirus packages to see how they perform.As you might expect, testing an antivirus product for its memory usage is certainly not an exact science because the program is never standing still and nearly always doing something in the background.

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Below are the results for each antivirus package along with the average Working Set and Private Working Set scores in Kilobytes (KB) while idle and during a scan.NANO Antivirus Free of Processes: 2 Processes Monitored: nanosvc.exe, Idle Working Set (KB): 176,141 Idle Private Working Set (KB): 53,846Scan Working Set (KB): 287,284 Scan Private Working Set (KB): 131,20114.