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14-Dec-2016 23:53

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(I won.) What are you trying to accomplish with the podcast?Doree: Matt and I noticed that once we started talking about IVF, we immediately met people who had some connection to it, but felt there was nothing out there for them that’s not super serious and depressing.Women don’t talk about IVF much publicly, but at least there are communities online where women can find each other.

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At first, I was very excited — absolutely thrilled — that I had a million of anything, let alone sperm.

Doree: We try not to blame each other for anything in this situation. Once, when Matt was out of town, I was trying to inject myself with progesterone, something you have to do once a day after your embryo transfer. I looked at my friend and said, “I have to leave now. We’re having a crisis that’s four hours from being solved.” Have you learned a lot about your bodies? I didn’t realize how much I had absorbed until we changed doctors at one point.