Updating analog tvs tohdtv

12-Oct-2016 12:34

Fact: If the antenna is smaller than 30" long and 30" wide the performance will suffer.

The test we preformed comparing our EZ HD antenna to the Winegard Flat Wave Air confirms this.

The two antennas performed almost identical when receiving UHF signals with a slight edge to the EZ HD antenna. The number one reason is obvious to part the consumer from their hard earned money. You've heard that over the air HDTV is one of the ways to see your new .

However, the EZ HD performed much better on the VHF channels. Why do so many antenna dealers offer HDTV antennas? So you surf the Internet or visit your local electronics store in search of a HDTV antenna for your new HDTV.

I believe for the most part this is an honest mistake.

All broadcasters are required to broadcast their traditional analog signal until February 2009.

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Make sure you can get all of your money back if you're not satisfied. Outdoor antennas work much better than indoor antennas.Learn to recognize a gimmick antenna when you see it.The size of the antenna is the best clue to detect a fraud.However, many of the outdoor antennas on the market provide poor VHF reception.

No matter what anybody says an antenna must be of a certain size and shape to perform properly on all channels.

The type of antenna in use has nothing to do with the converter box in use.

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