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Well groomed, and beautifully clothed, you will look stunning, and very attractive to men. We men are simple like that, yet women want to make it so complicated.Granted, you do look very good when you through the handbook of dress and makeup codes, the start of this paragraph. Please look at the positive angle of this article I think all woman over 40s and nearly 50s like mewants to look different, it is time to spoil ourselflooking fresh, younger, beautiful and fabulous!To feel attractive you should always match your panties with your bra.You may be the only one to see them, but you will feel more sexy and attractive when you wear matching underwear.Shop for clothes in a different store to the one where you have been shopping.

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Nicely shaped and polished nails are attractive to men.

A happy self-confident person always looks attractive.

Surprise your male friends, when they see the new you.

First impressions are very important, because we judge people almost instantly.

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It is vital that the first impression you give is a good one.You may wish to have your face made-up by a beauty therapist.