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More information on Github Developers are welcome to get involved by contributing code, either to existing tools or proposed future projects.Testing, bug reports, suggestions, or help in creating good documentation are also important!With your help, we can make the tools and validators better, faster, friendlier, and maintain a great, free service for all of the Web.slanted-edge algorithms for calculating MTF/SFR are based on ISO 12233 standard, “Photography – Electronic still picture cameras – Resolution measurements”.

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The difference of about 1% is approximately 1/10 of a Just Noticeable Difference (JND) for sharpness.

Essentially, MTF is the Fourier transform of the line spread function, which is the derivative of the average edge.

Several edges are “binned” and averaged in a sophisticated process described in the ISO standard.

slanted-edge MTF results to results from Imatest Rescharts Log Frequency, which is a first-principles sine wave-based calculation.

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In the second approach, MTF values will be calculated for sine pattern using Image J and Excel.The bar and sine pattern is a crop of the image produced by Test Charts.